Food Innovation Center

Great Lakes HPP's Food Innovation Center will provide assistance in Product development, packaging solutions, testing, regulatory compliance and assistance with recipe modifications and full product idea to development services.

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Certified on-site Lab

On-site, full-service laboratory offering certified testing services for the food industry.  Offering full compliance with industry regulations, and a fast turn around to the juice, dairy, meat, seafood and other food industries.

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Additional Services

Great Lakes can also provide additional value added services such as. post HPP repackaging and labeling, complete logistical solutions, cold storage and co-packing solutions.

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Great Lakes HPP

Great Lakes was founded in 2017 in Taylor, Michigan to service the needs of food manufacturers in the area looking to expand there capabilities and provide for safer, fresher all natural foods.

Jack Aronson, founder of Garden Fresh Gourmet in Ferndale, MI, and cofounder of Great Lakes HPP has always known the value of HPP and was one of the only privately held companies to own HPP machines.

“Garden Fresh was an early adopter of this amazing technology. As a pioneer in all-natural fresh salsa, we were told time and again that our brand would not be viable outside of Michigan due to limited shelf life. HPP made it possible for us to become the #1 salsa in North America and beyond, eventually employing 450 people at our Ferndale plant. As Michigan becomes an increasingly important player in food production, easy access to HPP technology and related services is imperative.

At Great Lakes HPP, we are here to help all sizes of manufactures have a great story like Jack Aronson and his success at Garden Fresh Salsa.


Next Steps...

If you would like to schedule a time to discuss how we can help your company grow, we at GLHPP look forward to working with you.